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Brow Lift in Montclair, NJ, With Dr. Caroline Szpalski

While the eyes are one of the earliest areas to show age, the eyebrows and forehead are not far behind. In some individuals, the brow/forehead region is the first area to reveal their increasing age. Time, gravity, and chronic sun exposure all act together to produce typical changes in the forehead region. The brow develops loss of tone manifested as forehead sagging or low eyebrow position, deep horizontal creases across the forehead, frown lines, deep furrows between the eyebrows and across the top of the nose, and an overall tired or sad appearance. Some individuals with brow droop unconsciously contract the muscles of the forehead continuously to help lift their brow, creating even deeper forehead lines and an anxious appearance even when relaxed.

As one of the most noticeable focal points of the face, this can make you look sad, tired, angry, or older than you wish. With a brow lift, Dr. Caroline Szpalski can specifically recontour the skin of the forehead to minimize forehead creases and those that occur high on the bridge of the nose, lift the eyebrows to a more youthful position, refresh the upper eye region, tighten the underlying tissues and muscle, and remove any excess skin. The results of a brow lift are reversal of the effects of gravity and aging and repositioning of the soft tissues of the brow.

Fellowship-trained and board-certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Szpalski and her team want to help you age confidently and maintain your unique identity, making her your choice as one of the best brow lift surgeons in New Jersey and the tri-state area.

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What Is a Glenridge, NJ Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery is a procedure to reposition the eyebrows and address forehead furrows that may create an angry- or tired-looking appearance. A brow lift can create a smoother, younger-looking appearance by eliminating excess skin through tiny, well-concealed incisions.

A brow lift can improve the appearance of: 

  • Brows that have lost their arch
  • Drooping or uneven eyebrows
  • Glabellar lines, or vertical frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Horizontal creases on the forehead and between your eyes
  • Creases or furrows on the bridge of your nose
  • Sagging brows that hood upper eyelids

A brow lift can create a rejuvenated and restored appearance. Following a brow lift, you may look more refreshed and alert due to:

  • Raised position of the eyebrows 
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Diminished furrows and creases between eyebrows

What Are The Different Types Of NJ Brow Lifts?

Each brow lift technique, used in the right setting, has outcomes that are consistently reliable and long-lasting. A brow lift creates a more relaxed appearance to the brow, a smoother forehead contour, and a more rested and youthful look overall. The forehead will still “animate” (move appropriately with facial expressions and emotion), but it will appear less sad, tired, and anxious.

At your consultation, your entire forehead and upper eyelid area will be examined at rest and with muscle animation. The particular brow lift surgical technique recommended will depend on your skin quality, the degree of skin elasticity and redundancy, the position of your eyebrows, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin, and the shape and height of your hairline. Details of your surgical procedure will be individually tailored to treat your particular features of aging and your unique anatomy.

Accompanying Procedures

Often, optimal brow lift results rely on treating other facial or neck areas to create a finished appearance. You can incorporate other facial procedures into your customized brow lift surgical plan for dramatic facial transformation, including:

Choosing Dr. Szpalski as Your NJ Brow Lift Surgeon

Fellowship-trained in microsurgery and the world’s most complex cases at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Szpalski is a board-certified female plastic surgeon born into a family of medical professionals. Her upbringing in Africa and Europe is the international foundation for her practice’s flair and sense of style. With a distinct worldly and multicultural perspective and a unique ethnic identity, Dr.  Szpalski recognizes that there are many standards of beauty, identity, color, and culture across the world. She offers a unique approach for all patients, which is essential when considering brow lift surgeons.

As a busy surgeon, wife, mother, and New Yorker, Dr. Szpalski understands the diverse challenges many of her patients face. With a less-is-more philosophy, Dr. Szpalski tailors her approach to each patient’s needs with meticulous detailing to provide natural-looking, long-lasting results for a sense of timeless elegance.

Meet Caroline Szpalski, MD

Female Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey

Rediscover your identity with the help of Dr. Caroline Szpalski, a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in New Jersey. With a unique multicultural upbringing and a European flair, Dr. Szpalski crafts elegant sophistication into every natural-looking patient transformation. Dr. Szpalski takes a less-is-more approach to plastic surgery to help patients maintain and appreciate their unique appearance and cultural beauty. No matter your aesthetic goals, start your journey toward a more confident you by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Szpalski and her expert team today!

Your Brow Lift Consultation With Dr. Szpalski in NJ

Dr. Szpalski’s goal for all facial rejuvenation consultations is for her patients to feel confident in their decisions regarding their health, procedure, and unique identity. She aims to understand your goals and realistic expectations to ensure she is the right surgeon for you.

During your brow lift consultation, Dr. Szpalski will discuss brow lift benefits and risks. She will also conduct a thorough physical assessment of your facial features and skin quality to determine whether a brow lift is the appropriate treatment to address your concerns.

With a focus on providing patients with exemplary care, Dr. Szpalski has created a warm, welcoming, nonjudgmental environment safe for sharing your concerns, making her one of the best brow lift surgeons in New Jersey.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Montclair, NJ Brow Lift?

Typically, New Jersey brow lift candidates have signs of aging around the forehead and eyes and are looking for long-lasting facial rejuvenation to enhance their youthful appearance. Some candidates for a brow lift may focus primarily on their eyes, not realizing that their forehead is actually the main component contributing to their aged appearance.

Good candidates for brow lift in Montclair, NJ, should: 

  • Be in good overall health, living a healthy lifestyle
  • Be at a healthy, stable weight
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not smoke, or be willing to quit at least six weeks before and after surgery
  • Have no conditions that impair healing
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook
  • Understand the surgical risks and benefits

Candidates for brow lift surgery should be emotionally stable, have the support of their surrounding friends and/or family members, and be fully educated about the procedure they are contemplating.

Preparing for Brow Lift Surgery in New Jersey

It is essential to be in good physical and mental health before a brow lift procedure. While each brow lift is unique, here is some general information to help you prepare.

  • Before surgery is not a good time to diet. Maintain a stable weight and avoid crash dieting or weight fluctuations by following a consistent exercise and nutrition regimen.
  • Proper nutrition supports a successful recovery. Eat healthy, balanced meals with plenty of lean proteins and fresh produce to optimize results and recovery.
  • If you currently smoke, vape, or use nicotine products, you should quit. As smoking is detrimental to your health, especially during recovery from surgery, patients must stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery. Dr. Szpalski orders a nicotine test for all patients who smoke to help avoid complications caused by smoking or nicotine products. 
  • For two weeks before and after surgery, refrain from medications, vitamins, and supplements that increase bleeding or bruising risks.
  • Stay well-hydrated before and after your procedure.
  • See your primary physician for a full examination and appropriate testing to ensure you are medically fit for surgery.
  • Prepare your home and schedule for recovery. Take time off work, purchase necessary supplies, fill pain medication prescriptions, freeze meals for easy preparation, and arrange a clean, comfortable place to rest.
  • Arrange for a trusted friend or family member to drive you home from your procedure and assist you with household management or child care.

Glen Ridge, NJ Brow Lift Procedure Overview

Dr. Szpalski performs brow lift procedures in fully accredited facilities at Freedom Surgical Center, St. Joseph’s Health University Medical Center, or Hudson Regional Hospital. On the day of your procedure, you’ll arrive approximately an hour before your scheduled surgery to meet with Dr. Szpalski and your anesthesiologist. Dr. Szpalski will review your surgery details and answer any final questions you have.

A brow lift is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia or intravenous (also known as “twilight”) sedation for optimal comfort, control and safety. Incisions are made as appropriate, based on your anatomy and specific features of aging. The skin of the forehead is elevated and the deep layers of the forehead are lifted. According to your procedural plan, Dr. Szpalski will create small, well-concealed incisions within the hair-bearing region of your head. 

Muscles that depress the eyebrows may be disrupted, rearranged or weakened to correct for deep furrows or lines in the forehead: The corrugator muscle pulls the eyebrows toward one another and downward, creating vertical lines above the nose, known by some as the “11 (eleven) lines.” The frontalis muscle is responsible for horizontal lines across the forehead. The procerus muscle creates transverse wrinkles between the eyebrows and at the bridge of the nose. Each of these muscles is addressed as appropriate for your particular situation.

Together with addressing the muscles, eyebrow position is corrected, soft tissues are repositioned, and excess skin is trimmed. The skin and deeper layers of the brow are then ‘fixed’ in their new position to underlying soft tissue or bone. The corrected position of the brow is maintained using permanent sutures, absorbable or permanent surgical screws or absorbable fixation devices placed inconspicuously under the scalp. Dissolving stitches (“sutures”) are used wherever possible. Surgical staples may be placed in the hair-bearing scalp region for easy removal in a week or two in the office.

When you awake from your brow lift, soft dressings will be in place and you will be comfortable. Brow lift surgery is not normally very painful. Pain medication is prescribed for you to take after surgery as needed. A small, soft Drain may be placed to gently remove “wound fluid” under the skin for 1 to 3 days after surgery. Surgery may be done as an outpatient procedure or an overnight stay may be recommended, depending on the details of surgery.

Brow lift incisions tend to heal very well with good quality scars due to the excellent blood supply of the scalp and brow region, concealment of incisions within the hair, and avoidance of tension on the closure. As mild swelling and any bruising subsides, visible improvements of the brow lift procedure will appear over a few weeks. Brow lift scars should be minimal due to the care Dr. Szpalski takes.

The results of a brow lift are a reversal of the effects of gravity and softening of soft tissues of the forehead to restore a more youthful contour and brighten the upper face. It takes several months up to a year for the final results to be evident and for all scars to become “mature”. Depending on your procedural plan, brow lift surgery may last two to three hours.

Timeless Elegance

New Jersey Brow Lift Recovery

Following a brow lift, it’s normal to experience bruising and swelling that might spread down around your eyes. These side effects should improve over a few weeks. Elevate your head and ice the area to minimize swelling and bruising.

You must avoid squinting for at least two weeks after your brow lift. Wear dark sunglasses when exposure to sunlight or bright lights is unavoidable.

Most patients need one to two weeks off work for initial brow lift recovery. For at least four to six weeks, you should get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities like exercise. Instead, take short walks to promote circulation and healing.

How Soon Will I See My New Jersey Brow Lift Results?

Typically, an improvement is visible immediately. However, side effects like swelling and bruising may obscure your results for up to two weeks. Your appearance will gradually improve as the site heals and the incisions fade, revealing a smoother, younger-looking forehead over the next few months. 

Chemical hair coloring should be avoided for at least a month after surgery; splurging on a trip to the salon before a brow lift helps many patients prepare for surgery. Any sutures or staples that do not dissolve on their own will be painlessly removed in the office within a week or two. After any type of facial surgery, some swelling and bruising is expected. Initial forehead asymmetry from swelling or an uneven appearance to the skin is quite common and will normalize as healing progresses. After approximately two weeks, obvious signs of surgery such as puffiness or discoloration should dissipate.

Sleeping with a few extra pillows to elevate the head can help speed the resolution of postop swelling. Strict sun avoidance and the regular use of sunblock of at least SPF 30 are vital to prevent permanent “hyperpigmentation” (darker color to the skin and incisions) and sunburn. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat whenever you go outside. Wearing makeup over sunblock is permitted at a week postoperatively and should continue as part of your morning beauty routine. 

You can prolong your brow lift by thoroughly following Dr. Szpalski’s post-operative instructions regarding proper skin care and sun protection.

How Much Does Brow Lift Cost in New Jersey?

Brow lift cost in New Jersey can vary by patient based on individual needs and goals and the surgical techniques used. During your consultation, Dr. Szpalski will determine the scope of your procedure and estimate your New Jersey brow lift cost.

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