Out Of Town Patients

Virtual Consultations

Long-distance consultations with Dr. Szpalski can be arranged for any out-of-town patient. First, complete our online form or call the office expressing your interest in a virtual consultation. We conduct our remote consultations through the HIPPA-compliant Jane EMR website. It is quick to set up and easy to use.

Let us know what procedure you are considering, when you are considering undergoing treatment, and how long you can stay in New Jersey. Different procedures require different minimum lengths of stay. When Dr. Szpalski holds a virtual consultation with you, she will discuss your specific procedures of interest in more detail and make a final determination as to your candidacy for surgery.

Meet Caroline Szpalski, MD

Female Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey

Rediscover your identity with the help of Dr. Caroline Szpalski, a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in New Jersey. With a unique multicultural upbringing and a European flair, Dr. Szpalski crafts elegant sophistication into every natural-looking patient transformation. Dr. Szpalski takes a less-is-more approach to plastic surgery to help patients maintain and appreciate their unique appearance and cultural beauty. No matter your aesthetic goals, start your journey toward a more confident you by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Szpalski and her expert team today!

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