General Tips: How Do I Prepare for Out-Of-Town Plastic Surgery

Many people travel out of town for plastic surgery to have their procedures performed by expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Caroline Szpalski. However, it can be an immense undertaking. Planning a place to stay and navigating a new city can be overwhelming, much less ensuring you receive proper aftercare following your out-of-town procedure.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple things you can do to prepare for your out-of-town plastic surgery to ensure a successful procedure and healthy recovery.

Virtual Consultations

For out-of-town patients, Dr. Szpalski can arrange a virtual consultation. Your first step is to complete our online form or call our office to express interest in a virtual consultation. We conduct our remote consultations through the HIPPA-compliant Jane EMR website. It is quick to set up and easy to use.

During your virtual consultation, you’ll need to let us know what procedure you are considering, when you are considering undergoing treatment, and how long you can stay in New Jersey. Different procedures require different minimum lengths of stay. Dr. Szpalski will discuss the specific procedures you’re considering in detail and determine your candidacy for surgery.

Give Yourself Adequate Time

If you want optimal results, you can’t rush your plastic surgery. Be sure to give yourself adequate time when you begin booking your travel plans, including your flights, car rentals, and hotels. You will need sufficient time to meet with your surgeon before and after the procedure.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid rushing the healing process. You will need to take it easy for several days after post-operation. Schedule enough time for your recovery before beginning your journey home.

The amount of time you will need to stay in New Jersey after your plastic surgery varies based on the surgery. On average, you may need to stay 7 to 10 days following extensive surgeries like Mommy Makeover or Liposuction. You will need about 5 days for surgeries like breast augmentation or chin liposuction. These numbers include the day before your surgery. The longer you stay, the better because Dr. Szpalski and her team want to care for you and guarantee your excellent outcome by ensuring you are healing properly. All necessary post-operative care is done following Dr. Szpalski’s guidelines and recommendations.

Arrange to Have Help

The type of surgery you have will determine the level of help you may need following your procedure. To avoid injuring yourself, you may need help dressing, bathing, or simply getting around for a few days. It’s important to have a caregiver who can help and support you, both emotionally and physically. Whether you ask a partner, family member, friend, or a responsible adult who is at least 18 years old, your caregiver should be committed to helping you after surgery. Following your surgery, you may feel the lingering effects of anesthesia, require medication, and need help moving around, and your caregiver should be able to help you with all of that.

Pack Comfortable Clothes

Before and after your procedure, it’s important to be as comfortable as possible. To ensure your comfort, pack plenty of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that buttons or zips in the front for convenience. After surgery, loose clothing can make dressing easier and will help you avoid undue pressure on your incisions.

Other Packing Essentials

Along with comfortable clothing, here are a few other items you should have with you as you travel for your plastic surgery procedure

  • All prescription medications
  • Important documents, including identification and insurance information
  • Personal care items

Stay Somewhere Close to Your Surgeon

If you’re able, book your hotel accommodation as close as you can to your surgeon’s facility as possible. You can significantly reduce your stress and discomfort by limiting your travel time and ensuring your procedure stays on schedule. During your virtual consultation, be sure to ask Dr. Szpalski where your procedure will be performed to plan your lodging and ask for recommended hotels.

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