Breast Reconstruction Case 1



When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer and a mastectomy is necessary, preserving the nipple and areola complexes may not be feasible when there is significant breast ptosis. However, with skillful skin reshaping techniques, we can offer a solution through implant-based reconstruction. We can use a wise incision pattern to re-drape the skin. Meet our inspiring patient, a vibrant 60-year-old woman, who underwent a bilateral skin-sparing mastectomy with a wise pattern incision. Tissue expanders were placed during the mastectomies. After her surgery, she unfortunately needed adjuvant radiation therapy on her right breast. Despite this challenge, we’ve achieved a beautiful bilateral breast reconstruction using silicone implants, fulfilling her wishes. Now, 18 months post-surgery, she enjoys a stable, symmetrical result with lifted and projected breasts. As she prepares for her next step, she looks forward to nipple and areola tattoo reconstruction when the time feels right.


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